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  • Contortionist and hoop artist

  • Yoga teacher 230h Yoga Aliance, "love and all is coming"

  • Dance teacher

  • Private instructor flexibility, contortion, aerial arts, yoga, dance

  • Group classes in Yoga and Hoop

  • Location: Sandnes/Stavanger, Norway

Circus artist from Sandnes, Norway. Contortion and hoop are my speciality.

Norwegain Champion in Aerial Hoop Artistic in 2024.


I am originally an educated dancer and dance pedagogue from Norway, with a background in rhythmic gymnastics.


I continued my education at Steps on Broadway in NYC. I fell in love with the circus arts in NYC and have  trained at different circus studios as Aerial Arts, Circus Warehouse, Body and Pole and  Circus Center San Fransisco.


I`ve been so fortunate to train with top coaches and circus artists. My current contortion coach is Olga Karmansky since 2017 and Serchmaa Byambaa since  2023.

Summer 2023 I went to Mongolia, Ullanbaatar to study contortion with top coaches under the guidance of Serchmaa Byambaa. I`ve been a a part of Serchmaas Mongolian Contortion Centers group since this and training regulary with Serchmaa.


Today I offer acts in both hoop and contortion for companies, Christmas parties, conferences, parties, concerts etc. I also offer workshops and private classes in contortion, flexibility, handstand and aerial hoop.

Im an educated Yoga teacher and offers Yoga classes and workshops. Backbend and Handstands workshop are my speciality.

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